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Our very own Desi one direction – SANAM band. Here are 3 reasons to be crazy about them

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This band of boys is referred to as India’s One Direction and we can’t help but agree! Sanam has been dominating the music space in the virtual world with 3 million YouTube subscribers and we are sure following their tracks. So here’s the low-down on the four super talented musicians: Sanam Puri is the lead vocalist, Samar’s known for his electrifying guitar riff, Keshav’s on the beat and Venky is all about that bass! Everyone is super obsessed with the band and it’s not just about their good looks, trust me on this. So to prove why they’re a rager, I’m going to give you 3 reasons.

• Some fantastic covers of old retro songs

So there is absolutely no way you haven’t heard their most famous covers of old Bollywood songs such as Pehla Nasha and Roop Tera Mastana. And their cover version of Ishq Bulaava from Hasee Toh Phasee is so good that you will always find it in my top 10 most played songs pretty much all the time!

The band’s drummer Keshav Dhanraj explained to news channels the reason behind their focus on classics, “We wanted to bring all these beautiful songs back to focus again, for the younger generation. This decision has been working very well for us. Wherever we go for a show, we see old people and their grandchildren enjoying the concert together. And that is very rare.”

• There are all about women’s empowerment

The Sanam band is dedicated to the cause of women’s empowerment, the well-being of children, and the values of peace and kindness. All four were seen earlier this year endorsing an e-commerce brand that discourages gender determination kits as an important move against female foeticide.

• Their songs can bring back the whole family together

Now that we’re all in a lockdown, spending time with our families during weekends, listening to the Sanam band is the best thing to do. During weekdays amidst our busy schedules, we sometimes don’t get the chance to spend time with our parents and grandparents especially. But when I have their songs playing on a loop, my grandmother and my mother sit next to me, enjoy the music and reminisce the old days. These bonding sessions with my family have made me love the band even more!

Now tell me what’s not to love about this amazing band. If you still haven’t listened to their songs, let me tell you, you’re missing out!! Go to YouTube right now and listen to their songs on loop, it’s super soothing.