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Oreo new version of Android will be available in these phones

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New Delhi:Android 8.0 Audrey updates on Android’s flagship devices have started to be found. In this sequence, the ORIO update has come in LG V30. The company had launched the LG OS preview beta program sometime ago. In this, the company had already given the ORIO update for testing and feedback of 500 LG V30 users.
LG has released the Android 8.0 update on its smartphone, which is already available in other phones.

What will get something new and how much will change your experience:

The Android 8.0 update is equipped with features like ‘Picture in Picture’ as well as better speed, battery and performance. Let us know that this update is being sent over the air. At present, this update has been rolled out in Korea only. In addition, LG V30 users can upgrade their smartphones through the LG Bridge program by connecting them to a computer. The LG Bridge app can be downloaded and installed from the LG Mobile Download Center. With the Android 8.0 OroOo update, LG V30 will feature features such as “Picture in Picture” feature, Notification Dot, Enhanced Quick Settings and Smart Auto Phil.

Learn what is special in Orio Update.

Music quality will be fantastic on Orio:
The quality of music on Android Orio will make you realize the surround sound. The reason is that due to the Sony’s LDAC Codec in Donation, the sound played on Android Oroo will generate a great audio quality in a much smaller memory weight.

Camera app will be more fun:
Google, the Android device used on Android, is making the app even more fun and powerful. Users will now be able to zoom 50 percent on one click on Android Orio. Apart from this, the camera app will have to give a button separately to interchange the photo and video mode, while currently users swap the camera mode.

Control on the Banking App:
Android Oreo will make smartphones’ performance and battery life better than before. The reason is that Oroo will keep tremendous control over the app running in the smartphone’s background, which will make phone speed and battery life better than ever.

Picture in Picture mode:
Picture in Picture option is present in Andrew Oreo. Now users can send a mail to Gmail when viewing their favorite videos on YouTube. To say this means that now Android smartphones have become completely multitasking, which can do many things at one time.

App Notifications and Dots FEATURES:
Users on Android Oreo can easily manage app notifications for different apps. They do not have to apply the same settings with the phone’s normal notification option. Apart from this, the app will show dots on the icon of the app in which notification will be in the waiting.

Auto-fill option will work easier:
Users will get autofill API option in the new version of Android Oroo. The password manager will allow all types of passwords and large forms to be automatically filled up. That is, the user will have enough time left to fill any routine page.

Icon will change size and style:
App icons appearing on Android phones were of the size of the square, but on Android Orio the user will now be able to see very new icons with new designs.

Keyboard navigation will be fantastic:
Google believes that most users prefer to use keyboards for navigation between different apps or between different apps. Therefore, Android Oreo has fast navigation with tab buttons and arrows, which will make the user easy.

High-quality colors will appear in the image app:
In Google’s Android OSO OS, the quality of colors in the overall application of the image is much better than ever. Adding standard color profiles, such as Adobe RGB and Pro Photo RGB, Google is busy making picture quality of Android smartphones more intelligent.

Other companies are also giving Android Oreo updates:

Where on one side HTC has incorporated its name into the list of handsets with Android Oreo updates. At the same time, OnePlus Company has started updating Oreo to OnePlus 3 and 3T. If the talk is OnePlus 5 and 5T, then they are also likely to get this update soon. Apart from this, HMD Global has also started rollout Oreo updates in its flagship smartphone Nokia 8. If you look at data, then 0.3 percent of the Android devices only have Oreo installed.

Orio will come with the update, these phones from Samsung: The Galaxy A5, the Galaxy A7 and the Galaxy A3’s 2018 edition, which will be launched in the coming time, will be presented with Android 8.0 Oreo.

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