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Opposition to the nomination of Mike Pompey as US Secretary of State, for comments against Indians and Muslims.

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Washington, In response to Mike Pompeo’s remarks against Indians and Muslims, Senate has started protesting against his nomination as US Foreign Minister. Democrats strongly protested the CIA director as America’s new Foreign Minister. During the debate on the nomination of Pampeo in the Senate, Robert Menendez, the top member of the House’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said, “These concerns are beyond the policy differences, but this nomination is not the only basis for the dismissal.”

Minority leader in the Senate Charles said that he asked Pompeo if he would refuse to talk about Muslims and Indian Americans, LGBTQ Americans and women’s rights, then he is ready to become the US Secretary of State and with his comments Countries affected will have to deal with. He said, “Once again they denied it, so with the clear truth, I will vote against the nomination of Pompeo.”

Shumar said that I still believe that the President should get his team and only disagreements on the policy are not enough reason to dismiss any nomination. Top Democrat senator Robert Menendez also raised this issue. He said, “How will he explain such statements about innumerable people of different religions who wear turban, whether these people are millions of Sikhs or Muslims living in important ally country India or Orthodox Christians of Africa or in Afghanistan Tribal leaders with whom we are trying to build a constructive relationship based on the values ​​of democracy and human rights. ‘

Menendez said, ‘What will be the impact of their allegations that Muslim leaders in America are involved’ somewhere in the subversive terrorist attacks because they will have to interact with Muslim leaders and citizens around the world. ‘He said that around 2 billion People believe in Islam, many of them are people of those countries with which US relations are important.