OnePlus Set to Introduce Its First Keyboard With Customisable Design

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In a few hours, OnePlus will introduce its first programmable mechanical keyboard. The product is one of several that will be made public through OnePlus Featuring and will go on sale in all major markets. The Shenzhen-based company had previously informed customers that the device would be unveiled on December 15. OnePlus has hinted at a number of elements regarding its first keyboard but an official announcement is still pending. The OnePlus Keyboard was created in partnership with keyboard manufacturer Keychron, as the company has so far disclosed.

In December, OnePlus unveiled a brand-new platform called OnePlus Featuring with the goal of providing its consumers with jointly made items. The business will shortly introduce its first keyboard using this platform, which will be easily customizable. With its double gasket design, the mechanical keyboard equipped with Keychron technology will minimise loud typing noises.

The business hinted at the forthcoming release of the keyboard in a tweet from its official account earlier today. Pete Lau, the founder of OnePlus, originally revealed the Keyboard in a tweet earlier this month when he introduced OnePlus Featuring.

Although nothing is known about the Keyboard at this point, the firm has hinted at a number of functions. To make the keyboard portable and lightweight, it will be constructed of aluminium. Additionally, it will work with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Although it may also be used with Microsoft Windows, the layout will be identical to that of a MacBook. The Keyboard will offer customizable options, as was already revealed. One of them allows users to replace switches for distinctive personalization through hot-swappable functionality. The addition of open-source firmware from companies like QMK and VIA is another feature.