OnePlus 11R

OnePlus 11R officially revealed specifications and design ahead of February 7 launch

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Prior to its official release on February 7, the firm released the OnePlus 11R’s main specs. The official poster for the smartphone is also available, and it explicitly denies any collaboration with Hasselblad. According to OnePlus, the OnePlus 11R has a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC and up to 16GB RAM, which is a first for R-series devices. The phone will have a 5000mAh battery that charges to 100% in 25 minutes and a 100W charger included. According to a press release from the business, the OnePlus 11R will also have a 120Hz Fluid display with ADFR 2.0 technology. According to theory, the technology allows the phone to adapt the refresh rate based on the content, perhaps extending battery life.

The OnePlus 11R features RAM-Vita technology, which is also present on the future OnePlus 11 5G, according to OnePlus, which promotes the handset as a gaming-focused smartphone. The RAM-Vita technology, according to OnePlus, makes use of the company’s machine-learning AI capabilities to speed up RAM reallocation “for a faster system response time and stability.”

Additionally, the OnePlus 11R has a 3D cooling system that has a surface area that is 63.8% greater than the vapor chamber on the OnePlus 10 Pro. To guard against sudden temperature increases, the material inside the OnePlus 11R 5G has the ability to retain heat instantly and release it gradually.

More specifically, OnePlus states that the ADFR 2.0 technology enables the display’s frame rate to automatically vary between 40Hz, 45Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz depending on the content displayed on the screen. Although the poster shows three cameras on the rear, the specifics of the camera are still unknown.

The cost has not been announced by OnePlus, and more details will be revealed at the launch event on February 7. In addition to the OnePlus 11R, OnePlus will also release the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-equipped OnePlus 11 5G. Hasslebald-tuned cameras, which are also present on the OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus 9 series, will remain on the device. According to the specs, the pricing of the OnePlus 11R could start at roughly Rs. 40,000, and the price of the OnePlus 11 5G would be Rs 50,000.

Given that the product is not available on their international websites, it looks that the OnePlus 11R will only be released in India. As the R-series smartphone, which debuted with the OnePlus 9R, was created especially for the Indian market, this fits with their current approach. The company released the OnePlus 10R with up to 150W rapid charging last year. The base model with 80W charging support costs Rs 32,999, while the top variant with 150W charging support costs Rs 37,999.