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One more step to being down: Law Commission recommends betting to be legalized in sports.

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New Delhi, If the recommendation is accepted by the Law Commission, then the country will soon get into betting legal grounds in the game. The Law Commission on Thursday recommended that sports betting and gambling should be allowed in other sports including cricket. The commission has recommended recognition as a regulated activity.

The Commission says that they should be regularized and brought under the direct and indirect taxes. The Commission believes that this can be a way to attract foreign direct investment. In this report, the Law Commission has said that it is not possible to stop such activities. Regulating it effectively is the only solution. The Law Commission has given the above recommendation in the 276th Report.

The Commission believes that by changing the law it should be brought under the purview of tax, which can be used to collect revenue. Parliament should make Model Law for this. Let us know in the sports betting and gambling in sports in the country is not valid. Despite this, this business of several lakh crores is run illegally.

Regardless of its strictness, this illegal business is becoming increasingly strong through mobile and internet. Be aware that betting and gambling is legal in many countries of the world. There is also a lot of betting in the sport in illegal form in India too. Last year, the Supreme Court had asked the Law Commission to consider the possibilities of making it legal.