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on Tuesday, With a 7-year-old girl was kidnapped and brutally raped in MP. Doctor also shook the child’s condition.

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Mandsaur, On Thursday people closed shops in protest. The leaders of the Muslim community demanded the execution of the accused on Thursday. He also announced that the body of the accused will not be given place in the cemeteries of the district. The police arrested the accused on the basis of CCTV footage and sent it on remand for five days.

Let us know that on Tuesday, a 7-year-old girl was raped by kidnapping from school. After this, the accused attacked the girl with brutality. Damaged its private parts. As well as attempting to murder the throat shed. The child was missing from school on Tuesday.

Doctor also shook the child’s condition
According to media reports, the child has been told to the extent that the doctor has also shaken. Doctors told that the victim admitted in the hospital is fighting between life and death. Doctors said that on Thursday his body suffered many surgeries. Several strikes of sharp weapons were made on her, causing deep wounds in his body.

There is also a 3 centimeter wound on the child’s throat. Due to the rape, the child’s internal parts are completely damaged. There are signs of bite from place to place on his face and nose. It has also been reported in the media reports that the child was vandalized to such an extent that it was torn apart by the rectum. In private parts, sharp edged weapon was shot.

Muslim community boycott accused
Several Muslim communities were seen on the streets in protest of the incident. Wakf Anjuman Islam Committee Sadar Mohammad Yunus Sheikh led the delegation before hand over a memorandum to Mandsaur SP Manoj Singh. He said, there is no place for such heinous criminal in the community. The demonstrators have demanded the death penalty for fast track hearing and guilty. Yunus Sheikh further said, ‘This kind of ruthless crime is not worth the forgiveness. We have decided that we will not allow the culprit to be buried in any graveyard in the district. ”

Lawyers refuse to fight case
Mandsaur’s lawyers have announced that they will not fight the case of accused Irfan. Mandsaur Bar Association has decided to boycott Irfan and said that a team of 100 lawyers will be present in favor of the victim. Girls from Sitamou Public School, 31 km from Mandsaur, performed black ribbons with their hands in school uniform.

Chief Minister orders inquiry
On the other hand, Mandsaur MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia said that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has ordered the police and administration to complete the investigation and trial of the incident. Shivraj said that the condition of the victim is improving. Where should they be heard early in the court and the culprit should be hanged till death for such a ruthless crime.

Let the police arrest Irfan or Bhayyu in the case. The police remand was also sent for five days. The SP said, “We have questioned the accused but this time it can not be disclosed.”

Police investigating angle of gangrape
The police is not refusing to join any other accused except Irfan in the case. SP Manoj Singh said, “We are investigating the incident from Gangrape’s angle. Now the child is not in a position to give any statement. ‘

Time to Feeling Wound
At present, the girl opens the eyes for a while and then closes it. Doctors say that the wounds are extremely serious, which will take time to fill. The child has been dripped to a unit blood. At the same time, doctors are trying to save the private parts from the infection. Solid diet is not being given. There are many wounds in his body.

Girl was missing from school
Police said that the child reads in class two. She went to school on Tuesday. When her grandfather arrived to take her in the evening. He informed about the child who left the school fifteen minutes earlier in the evening.

Body was found with blood
On Wednesday morning, at around ten in the morning, the police received a girl lying near Lakshman Gate The police admitted the girl to the hospital. The children of the missing child’s identity identified by the guardians. When the police arrived to check the CCTV footage in the school, it was found that the cctv’s wire was cut by the rats, so that was not working.

A person was taken from school
When the police searched the CCTV footage of the area, it was shown that on Tuesday evening, a person was carrying a girl around six o’clock in the evening. The police suspect that on Tuesday, Irfan had taken the girl to temptation of snacks and chocolate in a secluded area.