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On the data leak, the government issued a notice to Facebook and asked the reply till April 7.

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Following the disclosure of Facebook users’ personal data theft and its election influence, the government has issued a notice to Facebook. The government has asked Facebook whether personal data from Indian voters and users has also been used by Cambridge Analytica or any other firm? Has Facebook data been used to influence the Indian election process?

Govt. asked question to FB…

1) Government has sought details from the leaked data of Indians from Facebook by April 7.
2) The government has asked whether the data of Indians is also leaked.
3) Has personal data been used to influence elections in India?
4) It has also been asked what steps Facebook has taken to protect the data.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology gave Facebook the time for the detailed reply to these questions till 7 April 2018. Earlier on Friday, the government had issued a notice to Facebook and sought the details of Facebook data received by Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook has been asked whether personal data from Indian voters and users has been abused by Cambridge Analytica or any other firm, and if so, how did this happen? The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has also asked in its letter that whether Facebook or its affiliated agencies or any other firm has been involved in efforts to influence the Indian election process?

The government has also asked for the details from Facebook that if a firm has misused Facebook data, what kind of steps have Facebook taken to protect it? What kind of steps are Facebook taking to prevent users from misusing the personal data to influence or interfere in the Indian election process?

It has been written in the Ministry’s letter that there are many users of Facebook in India, so what steps have been taken by Facebook to ensure the security and privacy of such a huge user data so that no third party can prevent the misuse of the data.

Earlier, the government had issued a notice to Cambridge Analytica and asked if he had also obtained the data of Indians and misused them. The company has been given the answer time by March 31.

Explain that in the Cambridge Analytica (CA) data leak case, Whistle Blower Christopher Wiley made the details of election proceedings made by the agency in India public on Wednesday. The information shared by tweeting the violin clearly shows that SCL India has done extensive electoral analysis in India with a large number of caste calculations. This work was given to him by many political parties in the country. The tweet clearly stated the use of this company by the JDU in the 2010 Bihar elections.

Earlier in his statement in the British Parliament on Tuesday, Wiley had claimed that Cambridge Analytica had an office in India and it did a lot of work here. Wiley had told British MPs that his company has worked in India and he ‘understands’ that at the regional level Congress was his client.