Omicron: WHO says Omicron will overtake Delta

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The new infection of the coronavirus, Omicron, has spread panic worldwide. The news of the first death from this variant has worried all the countries. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday that after looking at the speed of infection, it seems that it will overtake the delta variant in a short time. Although there are also claims that Omicron is less dangerous than Delta.

WHO said that we do not understand how it is spreading so fast. According to the health organization, if the preliminary data related to Omicron infection is seen, it can reduce the effect of the Covid vaccine. According to the World Health Organization, Omicron has spread faster in South Africa than the delta variant, while less infection in the Delta. But together, it has also been seen that it is spreading faster than Delta in other countries.

This also includes the countries where Delta also spread its outbreak. The WHO has said that the Gauteng province of South Africa, currently the center of Omicron variants, has a speed of 3 times. This means that one person affected by the Omicron variant is infecting three people. That is why coronavirus cases in South Africa are progressing very fast, and the number of patients coming to the fore in South Africa has overtaken all the previous waves.