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Ola driver molested woman click nude photos, arrested.

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Bengaluru, The Bengaluru Police arrested a driver of an Ola Cab on Tuesday. The cab driver is accused of tampering with a woman. The incident happened on June 1, when the woman had booked a cab to go to Bengaluru Airport. It is alleged that the driver started to tamper with the woman only on the way. The accused driver was absconding since the incident. On Tuesday, the police arrested the accused V. Arun (28).

Victim is 26-year-old female architect by profession. On June 1 night he booked an ola cab at 2 o’clock. They had to take flights from the airport to go to Mumbai. The woman said in her complaint to the commissioner that the driver changed the route of going to the airport and suddenly took another route. The woman has alleged that when she asked about this, the cab driver said that it will be done quickly and will not have pay toll tax.

The lady said that after going a little distance away, the driver took the vehicle on the deserted road and parked it and locked the gate. After this he started tampering with the woman. When the woman protested, he threatened to remain silent, otherwise i would call my friends and will do gangrape.

A police official said, “The accused also told to be nude to the woman, so that he could take pictures of her. When the woman refused, she also wanted to suppress the woman’s throat. The lady later accepted her and the driver took photos of the woman and took her phone through Whatsapp.

The driver told the woman that he was going to Dubai the next day, which was a lie. After giving a lot of request to the man, he took her around the airport at around 3 pm and threatened that if you made a complaint to the police, then he would post pictures of her on social media.

After the incident, the woman went to Mumbai. From there, she sent his complaint to the Bangalore City Police Commissioner Police officer said, “After receiving the complaint of the woman, he was sent to Jab Nagar police station for further action.”

Ola has issued an official statement on the whole incident. Ola’s spokesman said, “We regret the unfortunate incident. Our zero tolerance policy towards such incidents is the policy. The driver has been blacklisted. The safety of the customers is our first priority. We are fully cooperating with the police in investigating the case. ”

This is not the first case, when a ola cab driver has been arrested for allegedly molesting women. Earlier in August last year, the Mumbai Police had arrested a 40-year-old Ola driver for allegedly sexually abusing a woman. The 31-year-old woman had alleged that when he sat on her side seat, he started masturbating in front of her.