Office Politics: 5 Tips to connect with your new boss.

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It is a common issue among employees that how they can make their relationship with their new boss healthy. They want to connect with their boss to understand his demands and work accordingly to satisfy him and lead the company to success. 


However, this is not only a single employee’s job, but every employee hired by the company. We at Workruit try to provide solutions to newly employed candidates’ tips and ways to perfectly fit in their new workplace.

  1. Setting up monthly meetings:

Every company starts from a small workspace and by the time they start to expand their business and start recruiting more people to achieve one goal, success. In the beginning, it is quite effortless for the boss to keep an eye on his employees and tracking their growth and dedication to the company. However, as the company expands it becomes difficult for the boss to keep up with every recruit’s progress.


So, if they want to bond with their boss, or require to connect with him, then they should take the initiative to set up individual monthly meetings with him. It helps him to know what’s going on with his business and helps him o clarify that his workers are fully dedicated to their job. They should use this initiative to share their personal ideas about the company’s future and development and construct goals and strategies.

  1. Open Communication:

Now, every job has this one simple requirement, to be able to communicate efficiently with other workers and especially with their boss. It’s true that most employees are terrified to communicate with their boss or not agreeing with his ideas and strategies. Yes, your boss might be annoyed, but he will surely acknowledge your ideas if it’s better than his. 


If you don’t approve any of his ideas, reject it, politely of course. Tell them your ideas which might better suit the problem and hence convince him to listen to you. Sometimes, try to adapt to his ideas, think among yourselves about how you can perform with it in a more effective way. Always remember, that the boss hires employees to provide him various perspectives for the success of his company. If you can manage to build an open-line communication with then it will strengthen your relationship.

  1. Remember that the boss has feelings too:

Yes, the boss isn’t a robot or a heartless human being. They possess feelings as well like all other employees. Most leaders arrive at their workplace with a serious atmosphere around them. They think it’s their responsibility to be focused and working hard to take their company to its success. It’s not appropriate to think that he is the one responsible for your monthly allowance only. He deserves to be seen as an individual who works hard so that everyone can succeed. 


He makes an approach to care about his employees’ well-being and feelings. And it is only fair to reciprocate the gesture towards him as well. A simple, “How was your weekend?” or “How are you?” won’t hurt. After all, he also desires to know that his workers care for him as much as he does.

  1. Value the Time:

A boss values those employees who value Time. Time management is an important strength that a boss looks for in his employees. He is a busy man, hence he has less time to waste on irrelevant topics. Make sure that you are communicating with him in a quick and specific manner, be concise and clear about the topic, and make the most use of his time with you. 

Making most of yours and your boss’s time increases the productivity of both individuals. 

  1. Be a Problem Solver:

Success in companies comes with newly-born problems. These problems are the main reasons for the leader’s worries. Mostly they cannot think of a solution regarding the issue and ponder over it or even wallow. 


As an employee, you can either wallow along with him or you can actually come up with solutions to solve the problems. This way, you show the boss your potential skills and hence, develop a trust within him. He will start to look up at you with praise and respect.