Oceans will help remove carbon from the air, US report explains how

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Scientists now realize that reducing carbon dioxide emissions will not be enough to stop climate change. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine of America, 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide will have to be removed from the world every year by the year 2050. Which is a quarter of the current annual emissions. Scientists say that the help of ocean processes can be taken for this work. He has suggested that intensive research should be started in this direction. There are many processes in the oceans that can effectively remove carbon dioxide. Of these, 6 have also been recommended.

Nutrition Fertilization is a very working process. In this, nutrients such as phosphorus or nitrogen are put on the surface of the oceans. This increases the process of photosynthesis from phytoplankton on the surface itself. When these phytoplankton dies, some part of them sinks into the ocean, due to which the amount of carbon starts going to the deep sea where that carbon can remain for centuries.

As a second technique, the report mentions the cultivation of seaweed or seaweed. Its cultivation on a large scale will transport carbon to the deep sea or sediments. According to the report, carbon dioxide (CO2) can be removed with moderate efficacy. But the risk can also be high in this. The information has said that about $ 130 million will be needed in research for this.