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Now, Xiaomi’s smartphones will no longer appear on annoying ads and introduced MIUI 11

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Xiaomi Smartphone users were having a lot of problems with the unwanted advertisements coming to MIUI. There has been a lot of discussion on this internet for the past few days. The users have appealed against the opposition to remove it from Xiaomi. Due to the growing protests of users, the company has now started fixing the MIUI’s advertising model.

Recently, the general director of the product director and MIUI Experience of Xiaomi, shared a post on China’s website Weibo. In this post, he mentioned the changes made to improve the experience of the Customized User Interface of Xiaomi.

It is being told that the company is now going to make significant changes to the rules of advertising on its MIUI. Along with this, the company is preparing to reinvent advertising advertisers who are showing vulgar content.

In a post on Weibo, it has been confirmed that work on fixing the ads coming on MIUI has started. Xiaomi has removed many advertising space so far. It will be made available again and again in the next two months being said. Similarly, the company will take necessary steps to remove objectionable ads displayed on its platform.

According to the reports, Xiaomi can launch a light version of MIUI in the next two to three months with a change in the advertising policy.