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Now women in Saudi Arabia will be in the army.

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Saudi Arabia has expanded its reforms and has now opened the door for jobs for the women in the army.

These jobs will be voluntary, that means going to army for women will not be mandatory.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Public Safety Directorate opened the way for recruitment on Sunday. These women will be appointed in Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Qasim, Asir, Al-Baha and Sharqiyah.

Necessary qualifications

For this, it is important for women to be of Saudi origin in the qualifications and educational qualification should not be less than the high school diploma. Women under 25 and women above 35 years of age will not be able to apply for it.

This is one of the efforts of all the social reforms, which are being led by Crown Prince Mohammed Salman.

This proposal was brought on behalf of a member of the Saudi Shura Council that women should be made mandatory for three months in the army to work in the army. But there were sharp differences within the Council and in the social media.

There are recent improvements
Women will get permission to drive a car for the first time since June this year. The ban was announced in September last year. Also women are now allowed to watch soccer matches in the public stadium.

In December, decades-old ban on cinemas was also withdrawn so that the entertainment industry of the country could be accelerated in view of the Crown Prince’s vision.

The royal family and religious establishment of Saudi Arabia adheres to ‘Wahhabiyat’, in which Islamic rules for women are quite strict.

Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to travel alone. During this time it is important to have a family member with them. Most restaurants and cafes have two sections. For one man and for the other families. Women are allowed to sit with husbands or family only in families with families.