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Now the war of domination between India and China in the Maldives.

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The island nation close to the Indian Ocean, Maldives is going through a period of struggle with power. In the meantime, the world’s best known Maldives is also witnessing the power balance between India and China in the best balance of maritime power. This is the second time after tension over Doklam last year, when China and India are face-to-face. President Abdulla Yameen declared an emergency in the country on Monday after the Supreme Court ordered the release of political prisoners and opposition leaders from jail. After this the security forces took possession of the court and two senior judges, including Chief Justice, were arrested. Apart from this, former President Gayoom was also arrested.

After this, under the pressure of the government on Wednesday, the other judges ruled the withdrawal of the previous order. All these developments were happening in the Maldives, but this also saw concern in India. India had asked the Supreme Court order that the government should obey its order. Meanwhile, China, who signed the Free Trade Agreement with the Maldives last year, said that 4,00,000 people there have the capacity to deal with the entire dispute and no one should interfere in it.

India, which considers China to be its main geopolitical rival in Asia, wants to prove its supremacy at the regional level with the cooperation of the US and Japan under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. Meanwhile, China has also tried to increase its dominance in South and Southeast Asia. From making ports in Sri Lanka and Pakistan to African country, steps have been taken to create military base in Djibouti.

China extends its reach

According to Bloomberg’s report, research face Constantino Javier in Delhi said, “India wants to secure its position in the Indian Ocean region firmly. In such a way, the Maldives is very important for him. ‘ The reason for this is that the present President of the Maldives Yameen has extended his closeness to China. He has taken such a step to reduce the pressure of the West and to end his dependence on India. For the past few years, the Maldives is going on politically volatile times. Yameen, who is coming to power in the 2013 elections, has invited China and Saudi investment on a large scale. Apart from this, he has also been criticized for putting political opponents and human rights activists in jail.

America condemns, Nasheed seeks help from India

Before rejecting the court’s order on behalf of Yameen, exiled former President Mohamed Nasheed had demanded interference from India. He had said that India should send its troops and try to handle the situation. America has also criticized the imposition of Emergency in the Maldives.