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Now, there is increased friendship in the field of surveillance, China left two satellite for Pakistan.

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China has successfully launched two remote sensing satellites for its evergreen friend Pakistan. This satellite will monitor the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The launch of these satellites has brought strong relations between the two countries once again.

This is the first international commercial launch of ‘Long March -2C’ rocket during about 19 years. Satellite PRSS-1 and PakteS-1A were launched in the northwestern China from the Zuccan Satellite Launch Center in the morning at 11.00 56 minutes. PRSS-1 is China’s first optical remote sensing satellite, and is the 17th satellite developed by China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) for a foreign buyer.

The Scientific Experiment Satellite developed by Pakistan, PAkteS-1A, was sent to its class with the same rocket. According to the official news agency Xinhua report, since the launch of communications satellite PakSat-1R in August 2011, there has been another space cooperation between China and Pakistan. PRSS-1 will be used to provide remote sensing information for survey of land and resources, monitoring of natural disasters, agricultural research, urban construction and border and road sector. Today’s launch is the 279th campaign of the Long March Rocket series and the first international commercial launch after about two decades. In 1999, it launched Motorola’s Iridium satellite.

These satellites will play an important role in the development of Pakistan’s economic and common people. In addition, they will also monitor the CPEC of satellite BRI project.