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Now your car will be running from the beer on the streets.

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London: Will you believe that your car will be running on the road soon after coming out of beer. Yes, large scale research is being done to find alternate sources of fuel all over the world, and the good news is that scientists have made remarkable progress in making beer using renewable fuel. According to UK’s Bristol University researchers, ‘Boo-ethanol’ is widely used worldwide as a renewable alternative to petrol.

However, due to low energy density, ethanol can not ideally replace the gasoline. It gets very easily in water and can damage the engine. Buten fuel is a better alternative but it is difficult to manufacture from renewable sources. The scientists of the School of Chemistry of Bristol were working towards translating widely present-day ethanol into butaneol.

According to Duncan Vas, who led the research, “Alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages is actually the same ethanol, which we want to change as a substitute for gasoline.” In a study published in the Journal of Catalysis Science and Technology, Vaas has said, “If our technology works with alcoholic beverages (especially beer that is the most appropriate model), then industrialization of petrol as an alternative to petrol is likely to.’

The catalyst was used to convert ethanol to butenol. The team has mainly discovered that their catalytic beer (especially ethanol present in beer) should be turned into butanol.