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Now, Attack in the Netherlands: A gunman killed three people in the tram in the city of Utrecht.

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A gunman killed three people in the tram in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and injured 9 others. After this, the search for the accused started. Officers armed with heavy weapons surrounded a building near the site along with the search dogs. Officials have issued the maximum level of a terror alert in the area.

The city’s mayor said that there was a lot of suspicion about the terror motive behind it. The Dutch military police are taking extra vigil on Dutch airports and important buildings. After a few hours of firing, Utrack police released a photo of a 37-year-old man born in Turkey. Officials said that it was related to the incident.

The man in the photo is riding a tram and is wearing dark blue clothes. Police told the people that the person has been identified as Gokmen Tanis and he has asked the people not to try to capture the suspect when appearing, but inform the authorities.

Let us know that during Friday prayers in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, two mosques were attacked by terrorists and 50 people lost their lives, three days later the incident took place. Although there was no immediate indication of any relationship between the two incidents. After the firing incident in a tram on a busy traffic crossing of the residential area on Monday, the police personnel, including heavy-handed officers, came into the area. Utrecht police have sent helicopters to the spot and appealed to the people to stay away from there.