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Not only in India, Germany is also upset by men’s urine on the walls. Germany made a plan to stop it.

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Berlin, If you think that urinating in the open is just a problem of India then you are wrong. This problem exists throughout the world. Men are not afraid of imposing penalties or punishment. So now the German researchers are trying to understand why men urinate in the open, especially around the football stadiums.

It is also a major reason for having toilets in stadiums and metro stations. Since, spreads smelling through the urine open, so men go to the plants and urinate there. In doing so, they feel they are doing some good work.

Researchers have found that drunken men pee together, leaving behind practical reasons, as this increases their social bonding. The most shocking disclosure is that when men urinate near the wall or tree, they like the loud sound coming out of them.

Keeping in mind all the points, researchers have planned to make a ‘Pee Bed’ in the open, so that the streets and walls are not immersed in the stench of urine. These beds will stay connected with the Underground storage tank. As soon as a man urinate on these beds, urine will immediately reach this tank. This tank can be up to 250 liters of urine, after which the tank will need to be empty. Let us know that Paris has also installed ‘uritoiter’ for diagnosing this problem, whose flowers appear on the upper part but the lower part of the skin absorbs urine.