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‘not anymore!’ Donald Trump said, Pakistan considers us fool, it is stupid to help in 15 years.

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US President Donald Trump has given a tough message to Pakistan, saying that it was a foolish decision to help Pakistan in the last 15 years. He has said that Pakistan considers our leaders to be foolish. He gives shelter to the terrorists. Trump tweeted that the help of US $ 33 billion was stupid America, because Pakistan changed lie and cheated in return. not anymore.

Let us know that there were such reports in the past that the US could soon give a big jolt to Pakistan. Indeed, the US Government is considering to stop the assistance of Pakistan’s $ 250 million aid subsidy. It is clear from this that the Trump administration is dissatisfied with Pakistan not taking action against terrorist organizations.

The news said that the relations between the United States and Pakistan have been tense since then when the President had announced that Pakistan “offers shelter to people who spread chaos, violence and terrorism”.