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Not allowed to participate in election, Musharraf presides over party.

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Islamabad, Former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf resigned as Chief of his party All India Muslim League (APML). He resigned after Supreme Court stopped him from fighting the proposed elections on July 25.

Musharraf (74) sent the Election Commission of Pakistan to resign as the chief of APML. Musharraf took this step because the Supreme Court had withdrawn the interim decision allowing him to fill the nomination when he failed in the muscle.

Even after receiving assurances from the Chief Justice, Musharraf was not produced before the court, due to which his conditional nomination was canceled. The party’s general secretary, Mohammad Amjad has been made the party’s president. Now he will be in charge of all matters of the party and will decide on the role of APML in the proposed general elections on July 25.