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North Korea will stop Major Missile Testing site, the sanctions will continue: Donald Trump

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Singapore, North Korean ruler Kim Jong after meeting him and signing the document, US President Donald Trump has said that the Korean country will close the Major Missile Testing site. The US President did not provide much information about this. Trump reiterated that Kim has promised full nuclear disarmament and both the leaders have faith in each other. However Trump also said that restrictions on North Korea will continue. At the same time he also made clear that the US troops stationed in the Korean Peninsula will not be called back.

Although Trump said that after this conversation, the US will no longer do military exercises in the Korean Peninsula. Trump also spoke of violations of human rights by North Korea in North Korea in the context of American Student Otto Warmbayer. Trump said that the death of Otto did not go waste. Without Otto, all this can not be done. He said on the question of war prisoners and human rights that Kim has also talked about human rights.

Trump said that until we are not comfortable for the fact that North Korea’s nuclear weapons have not come to an end, the ban will continue. When asked about Trump’s timeline, he said that it will take a long time. After the summit with Kim and the release of the joint statement, Trump was once again free from the media. This time Trump addressed alone. Let you know that North Korea has promised full nuclear disarmament after Kim and Trump’s historical meeting. In return, the US has taken responsibility for the security of this Korean country.

‘Team of American and international officials will verify disarmament’
US President Donald Trump has said that in his talks with Kim, there was also a discussion about the verification of disarmament. The US president told that there will be a team to verify North Korea’s complete disarmament efforts in which US and international officials will be involved. Trump said that after signing the document, Kim agreed orally to destroy North Korea’s Major Missile Engine Testing site.

Trump says the end of the Korean War will end soon
Trump said that Kim has taken a bold step for the golden future of his citizens for which he would thank him. Trump said that the bloody conflict (Korean War) happened some 70 years ago. Trump, recalling the martyrdom of thousands of American soldiers, said that this war will be destroyed now. Trump said that he wants to bring American soldiers home from the Korean peninsula but it is not talked about, but we will stop the war game.

Trump said that North Korea’s bright future is visible. Hope Kim will remain on his promise. We can hope to establish peace soon. Anyone can fight but needs courage to establish peace. President Trump said that there will be talks between North Korea and America next week.