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North Korea will shut down in Nuclear Test site in May, given special message to Trump.

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Seoul, Positive results of the historic summit started between North Korea and South Korea leaders have begun. After meeting on Friday, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un has decided to close the Nuclear Test site. During a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Kim said that he would close the nation’s nuclear test site next month or May. This announcement is important because the main cause of the Korea crisis is the nuclear program. ‘

Let us tell you that there is a meeting between North Korea and US leaders in the next month or June, whose preparations are in full swing. Speaking about Kim, a Moon spokesman said, “Once we start talking, then America and Trump will know that I am not a human being to shoot a missile in South Korea, Pacific or America.

‘Keeping Nuclear Weapon Is Not Interesting to Live In Hard’
During this meeting, Kim said, “If we continue to meet with the United States, maintain mutual trust, and promise to end the war as well as to encroach or not to tamper with each other, then Then why would we need to live in difficulties by keeping nuclear weapons? ‘

The result of this summit between North Korea and South Korea has been positive. Before that, there was a summit between the two countries in 2000 and 2007, but there were no results of the agreements during that time.

What is the reason for the closure of the Nuclear Test site?
This decision of North Korea is shocking because for a few days before that he was constantly doing nuclear tests, but now he has suddenly announced the closure of a nuclear test site. There are many reasons behind this. It is being said that in view of the meeting with Trump, North Korea has decided to stop the launch of nuclear tests and other missiles.

Let us state that there was a lot of pressure on North Korea in the United States to stop the nuclear testing program. North Korea has been trying to attack America with nuclear missiles over the last several years. In January this year, the American Intelligence Agency also expressed concern that the way North Korea is being pressurized, it can attack America with a nuclear missile in a month. The agency had also said that if efforts were made to restrict the ability of Kim Jong’s ability to attack the United States, its serious consequences could be met.

Is America afraid of Kim’s reign?
There were also mouth attack between North Korea and the United States on several occasions, due to which the tension increased so much that the US also imposed a number of restrictions on North Korea. It is noteworthy that the rapid progress made by North Korea in its arms programs during the reign of Kim Jong Un, the United Nations Security Council, the US, the European Union, South Korea and others stood against it. However, the surprising decision of closure of North Korea’s nuclear test site has made the world a bit relaxed with the US.