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North Korea will no longer test missiles, Trump said – good news for the world

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Seoul, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-he has announced to stop his controversial nuclear program and missile test. Apart from this, the announcement of closure of the nuclear test site has also been announced. US President Donald Trump has said that it is good news for the world and North Korea.

Due to North Korea’s missile test, his confrontation with the US had increased greatly and at one point the two countries reached the pinnacle of war. Although Kim Jong, he has softened his attitude for some time. After resumption of the dialogue with South Korea, Kim Jong Un has proposed a meeting with the trump.

North Korea closed the plan to test its nuclear and long range missiles on Saturday. Also announced the closure of the nuclear test site. This announcement came before the nuclear talks between Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington. Although it was not clearly indicated whether North Korea would also reduce its arsenal?

This decision was taken in the meeting of the full Central Committee of the ruling Workers Party (WPK). “We do not need to launch more tests for nuclear test and medium and long range missiles and because of this, the mission of the nuclear test site has been completed,” the agency quoted Kim as saying.

Some experts believe that Kim is joining a consolidated position in the conversation and there is no possibility of accepting cuts in arms. South Korea and US officials say Kim wants to save the economy from large sanctions.

After the announcement of Kim Jong Un, the US-born Donald Trump tweeted, “This is good news for North Korea and the world and it’s a big progress.” He also said that he is keen on the forthcoming meeting with Kim. North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said that the country has taken this decision to improve the economy. North Korea has expressed the desire for good relations with the neighbors and the world community.