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North Korea: The war will be. But when it is not fixed.

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Soul: North Korea is disturbed by joint military exercises between the US and South Korea and has expressed its displeasure over this joint military exercise. North Korea says that there is “no agonizing thing” about the nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, but now it is to see when the war will happen when it will be. These comments are being told by a spokesperson from the Ministry of External Affairs that North Korea has claimed that top US officials including CIA director Mike have made it clear that America wants war, which is continuously by its The ‘war remarks’ being manifested is evident from the going.

Popeo said on Saturday that US intelligence agencies believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong does not have any idea of ​​how vulnerable his position is at home and at the international level. North Korea’s spokesman has said that Popeo has done ‘astonishing criticism of our supreme leadership’. The spokesman said, “The nuclear war exercises being done by the United States at large, are creating conditions to leave the Korean peninsula and such violent war remarks are being done by US top leaders in the war on the Korean Peninsula Have decided.’

They said, “We do not want war but do not want to run away from it and America will misunderstand our patience and will spark a spark for the nuclear war, then we will teach America a good lesson with our nuclear power, the strength that we are constantly making strong. ‘ These comments came to the notice of the Korean Central News Agency on Wednesday night. A few hours earlier, the United States flew B-1B supersonic bomber aircraft over South Korea under joint air exercises.