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North Korea taking steps to shut down a nuclear site .

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Seoul, Relief news reports are coming out in the Korean Peninsula dispute that has become a cause of tension for the whole world. The official media of North Korea has said that his country is taking technical steps to shut down the nuclear site. Let’s tell you that next month the historic meeting of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump is going to be. This step is being considered as big news before the meeting.

Central News Agency has said that the schedule for closure of nuclear sites has been fixed between May 23 and May 25. However, the State Media has also said that the program will be completed according to the weather conditions. According to the press release of North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, nuclear test tunnels will be flown and entry in them will be interrupted.

According to this, all the observation facilities, research institutions will be removed, including guards and researchers, under the process of closing the Nuclear Site. It has been said in the statement of the Foreign Ministry that journalists from China, Russia, the US, UK and South Korea will be allowed to go on the spot in order to demonstrate transparency to destroy the nuclear test site.

It has been said in the statement that the Nuclear Test site is located in the deserted place in the remote hilly area, so the number of foreign journalists visiting there will be limited. Let me tell you that mouth attack broke out between Kim and Trump a few weeks ago and both were insulting and commenting on each other and threatening nuclear attacks. The situation changed dramatically when the two leaders agreed to meet. The dictator of North Korea met with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in last month and expressed commitment to increase the direction of nuclear disarmament.

Kim Jong, who is now going to meet American President Donald Trump on June 12 in Singapore. US Secretary of State Mike Pompey had promised on Friday that if North Korea is involved in closing its nuclear program, then America will work to restrain the barren economy from renewal.