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North Korea still working on Nuclear site.

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Seoul, North Korea is rapidly improving its nuclear research center. This claim is made by a monitoring website ’38 North ‘. This is happening from Pyongyang’s side when the Singaporean negotiations were announced at the beginning of this month, the commitment of nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula was announced. North Korean ruler Kim Jong had promised to work towards this goal in a historic dialogue with US President Donald Trump, but the Singapore meeting gave a clear definition of disarmament or North Korea to destroy the Nuclear Weapon reserves. Failure to give clear timelines.

Trump had claimed that the process would start early and they had said last week, “There will be complete disarmament which has started.” But according to the ’38 North ‘website, recent satellite pictures show that the operations of North Korea’s main Yongbyon nuclear site are not only operational, but infrastructure work is also being done there. It said that the photographs of the commercial satellite of June 21 show that improving infrastructure in the Yongbyon Atomic Research Center is moving at a fast pace.

At the same time, after Singapore talks, Trump has made big claims of its success by reaching home, but it is believed that the US military is once again facing fear of North Korea’s missiles. And so the Army now wants to install missile defense radar system in Hawaii to identify and destroy the ballistic missiles fired from North Korea or any other country. Approximately $ 1 billion i.e. 68 billion rupees will be spent to put this missile defense radar. Senior director and senior fellow David Santoro for nuclear policy in the Pacific Forum Think Tank in Honolulu said that there is a constant threat from North Korea because Pyongyang is constantly developing powerful missiles and nuclear weapons.