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North Korea did not close the nuclear program, fuel production faster for atomic bombs.

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Washington, After a historic summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong, North Korea had announced the closure of the nuclear program, but it did not appear to be true in reality. American intelligence agencies believe that North Korea has increased the production of fuel for nuclear weapons in many secret places in recent months. NBC News has reported to US officials that North Korea had tried to hide it during negotiations with the United States.

Reuters reported on the NBC report that this latest assessment of the US intelligence department is seen in contrast to those claims of Trump. Trump tweeted after meeting with North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un on June 12, now there is no threat to nuclear attack from North Korea. Trump had claimed that North Korea will complete disarming which has begun. But NBC’s report is showing a different picture.

NBC has cited five unknown American officials, in the recent months that North Korea has increased production of uranium for nuclear weapons. It was also happening when he was preparing diplomatic preparations for talks with America on the issue of complete disarmament. The report has told the US officials that North Korea has more than one confidential nuclear site in addition to the nuclear fuel production facility of Yongbyon.

An official told NBC that there is absolutely clear evidence that they are trying to cheat the US. However, the CIA has refused to comment on NBC’s report. The State Department also said that he can not confirm it. Also the State Department said that it can not comment on intelligence. White House did not respond to questions in this regard at the same time.

The NBC report also raised questions about the commitment of North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons after the meeting of Trump and Kim Jong. Trump, claiming to be quite successful in his meeting with Kim, described the outcome as spectacular. A US intelligence officer told NBC that North Korea’s decision to close the missile test was unpredictable after the meeting. He said that we are keeping a close watch.

Let us tell you that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is going to visit North Korea on July 6 and 7. However, its official confirmation still remains. It is being said that this trip to Pompeo is the focus of North Korea’s disarmament plan.