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North Korea condemned Kim’s photographs and flag burnings in South Korea.

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Seoul, A large rally was organized in South Korea against the participation of North Korea in the Winter Olympic Games. During this time photographs and national flags of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un-burned them. North Korea has expressed deep displeasure over this. In an article published by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Pyongyang accused the South Korean conservatives that they are trying to spoil the better bilateral relations after a lot of efforts.

North Korea called the move to burn the images of its leader as unethical. The article has alleged that the leaders of the right-wing Korean Patriots Party are giving an end to such actions. North Korea called this kind of incident ‘inefficient motivation’. The article also rejected the allegations that it was being said that North Korea is participating in the Games in an effort to get the time to fulfill its nuclear program.

North Korea has denied the allegation of attempt to disrupt the South Korean-American alliance and to try to get out of the economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The President’s Office of South Korea issued a statement Tuesday, in which the involvement of North Korea in the Olympic Games has been urged to support the people.

In the statement, South Korean President Moon J Jay repeatedly reiterated that this move would help in bringing peace and stability to the Korean peninsula. It has been requested in the statement that North Korea’s delegation for sports will be welcomed with warmth. The games will start from February 9.