Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi, did she deactivate her Instagram account?

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Fans of Nora Fatehi are concerned since they cannot access their favorite actress’s Instagram account. So, did the actress remove her account, or was it a technological error? This question has perplexed her millions of admirers.

The diva’s Instagram account appears to have been removed or disabled. When you visit her official Instagram page, you are greeted with an error message that reads: This page is now unavailable.

The ‘Kusu Kusu’ girl is now on holiday in Dubai, and this mistake would have caused a minor bump in her vacation. Nora had posted a few pictures from her vacation on social media. Nora Fatehi said on Instagram yesterday that she is planning her next vacation. “Who wants to accompany me on my next vacation?” she captioned a stunning shot of herself by the pool.

Nora posted a series of wonderful photographs from a journey to a region teeming with beautiful, uncommon creatures on Instagram. The diva was spotted standing with two magnificent lionesses recorded in all their splendor by the camera. We can see from the photos that Nora’s vacation is full of excitement, pleasure, and adventure.

Aside from the video, Nora had already uploaded many photos of herself posing with a lion in Dubai. Nora posed with lovely lions in her photos, looking furious, and commented, “It’s that Lion spirit from now on that makes them so beautiful (sic).” Pictures and videos may be seen on various fan pages.

Nora Fatehi was last seen in Guru Randhawa’s Dance Meri Rani music video, released on December 21, 2021. Nora and Guru Randhawa had previously worked together on Nach Meri Rani.