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Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to three scientists, including Manabe, Hasselman

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This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to three scientists from Japan, Germany, and Italy. Soukuro Manabe (90) and Klaus Hasselmann (89) were picked for their contributions to ‘physical’ climate modeling, variability measurement, and the accuracy of global warming forecasts. Georgio Parisi (73) has been chosen for the award’s second phase. He was selected to investigate the relationship of disorder and fluctuation in physical systems ranging from atomic to planetary scales.

“They set the groundwork for our knowledge of the Earth’s climate and the impact of humans on it,” the jury stated of Manabe and Hasselman. Manabe demonstrated in the early 1960s how global temperatures would rise as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased, laying the groundwork for current climate models.

Hasselman developed a model that incorporated weather and climate a decade later. This helped me comprehend how climate models can be accurate even though the weather is constantly changing. He also figured out how to spot distinct evidence of man’s impact on the environment.

Parisi devised a detailed physical and mathematical model that simplified complex systems. “There is a real need for us to take bold decisions and move very quickly to fight climate change,” Parisi said after announcing the awards. “The message for future generations is that we must work now,” he stated.

Goran Hansson, general secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, revealed the winners on Tuesday. It is usual for multiple scientists working in a similar field of a subject to be honored simultaneously. The renowned honor comes with a gold medal and a monetary prize of 10 million Swedish kronor (about $11.4 million). Alfred Nobel, a Swedish citizen, established the prizes in 1895.

Last year, the Nobel Prize in Physics was shared by Andrea Ghez of the United States, Roger Penrose of the United Kingdom, and Renard Genzel of Germany. This award was given to all three for their work on black holes. This achievement comes with a gold medal and a cash prize of $1.14 million.

American scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
This year, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to American scientists David Julius and Ardum Pataputian a day earlier, on Monday. This award was granted to him in recognition of his discovery of temperature and touch “receptors.” Temperature and touch are sensed by these receptors.’ Both scientists focused their research on the area of somatosensation,’ which is concerned with the ability of specific organs such as the eyes, ears, and skin.