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No haste in declaring a national emergency: Trump

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US President Donald Trump expressed his hope that the $ 5.7 billion fund would be approved by the Congress for constructing a wall on the border with Mexico and said that he would not hasten to declare a national emergency on the issue of border security. Trump, however, emphasized that he has the right to declare a national emergency, but also said that he still wants that Congress approves the fund for constructing the wall.

Significantly, Trump had said on Wednesday that declaring a national emergency is the last resort. However, he also threatened to do so (declaring a national emergency) if he did not approve the $ 5.7 billion fund for the disputed US-Mexico border construction. On a question related to the National Emergency, Trump told the journalist, “I am not going to hurry on this.” He also said that he has the right to do so. He said Democrats should ‘come back and vote on it’.

This is the beginning of the 116th session of the US Congress this month. Opposition Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives and there is also a good number in the Senate to curb this proposal. During the Round Table talks at the White House, the American President said, “We want Congress to do their job. At the moment we are not declaring a national emergency. ”