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No discussion on S-400 deal during meeting with Modi and Donald Trump.

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There was no discussion about the procurement of the S-400 missile defense system from Russia in the meeting of PM Modi with US President Donald Trump. According to India, the two countries discussed measures to enhance military cooperation. The S-400 is Russia’s most modern long-range surface-to-air missile defense system. China was the first country to buy this system in 2014 from Russia. India and Russia had signed a $ 5 billion S-400 air defense system deal in October last year.

Immediately after the tripartite meeting of Japan-US-India, Modi held bilateral talks with Trump. This is the first meeting of Modi’s trump after winning a major victory in the recent parliamentary elections of BJP. The Modi-Trump meeting is also important because the US President has been criticizing India’s decision to impose a “very high” fee on US products.

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said that in the interaction between the two leaders, the issue of purchase of the S-400 missile defense system from Russia was not discussed. He said, “This meeting was very meaningful and openly talked about various issues. Both leaders discussed very well. President Trump congratulated Prime Minister Modi on the victory (election). Prime Minister Modi specifically mentioned the warm welcome letter sent by Trump through the Foreign Minister (Mike) Pompeyo to the US President.

According to Gokhale, during the bilateral talks between the two leaders, four major issues were discussed. Gokhale said, “These issues were related to Iran, 5G, trade and defense relations.” He said, “In the context of Iran, the Prime Minister underlined our concerns regarding peace and stability in the region, along with our energy concerns.”

Reduction in oil imports from Iran impact on economy
Foreign Secretary said, “Prime Minister Modi underlined that Iran supplies 11 percent of Indian energy, India has reduced the import of oil from Iran, while the Indian economy is getting affected. We have been able to maintain this situation. There are also people of our community in this area, in this area also there is a need for energy, we have economic interests in the region, therefore India is in favor of maintaining peace and stability in the region mainly. ‘