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NKorea ready for discussion with South Korea for peace, got success after 2 years of efforts.

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Seoul: North Korea is now ready to negotiate with South Korea to restore peace. This conversation was going on for two years at the Diplomatic level. South Korea’s Spokespersons have confirmed this success. This conversation between the officials of the two countries will be held on 9 January in the Peace House. On January 8, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong has a birthday. This will be the conversation next day.

Go ahead now
– Talking to CNN, South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesperson Bekethe Hyun said: “We were trying for two years to prepare our neighboring North Korea to negotiate.” It has got success.
According to media reports, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong is the birthday of her on January 8. The next day, ie 9 January, this highlawal talk will start between the two countries.

Place too important
– The dialogue between the two countries will be in the peace house built in the village of Panamunjon. This place is special. Actually, this village is on the border of North and Korea. Part of this area is such that no soldier of both countries is deployed.
– In 2009, it was agreed between the two countries that if the Emergency was held, the two countries would hold talks in the Peace House built in this area. During this time no troops will be deployed in the area and no firing can be done here.

What will be the agenda of the conversation?
– Hyun said that the agenda of the conversation has not been finalized yet. Before this, officers of both the countries will exchange certain documents. There are Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. It’s possible to talk about them too.

Conversation happened two years ago

– The last conversation between the neighboring countries was in December 2015. Then on the appeal of North Korea it was held in the Kaisong Industrial Area.
– The special thing is that the industries of the two countries are present in Kaisong. It was started in 2004. In 2016, when North Korea tested the missile and it got tension from South Korea and the US, it was closed.