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Next year India will become the world’s fifth largest economy, countries like Britain and France will be left behind.

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London : India is preparing to make a big leap in the World Economy. The ‘Center for Economics and Business Research’ i.e. Cebr has released this report for 2018. One report claims that India will be the world’s fifth largest economy next year after leaving Britain and France in the dollar terms. Joining India’s five major economies also shows Asia’s growing clout. According to this report, in the next 15 years, there will be more Asian countries in the global economy.

View on Global Economy
– ‘Center for Economics and Business Research’ i.e. Cebr has released this report for 2018. It says that in the new year, the speed of global economy will be faster and the reason for this will be affordable energy and technology.
– The mention of Asian countries in the report has been specially done. According to the report, in the next 15 years, Asian countries will have an impact on global economy and India’s entry in top 5 economy should be viewed in this fashion.

What was said about India?
– Deputy Chairman of Cebr Douglas Mcwilliams said – Despite tempered problems, India is currently with France and Britain. In 2018, India will be the fifth largest economy in the world, leaving behind these two countries.
– McWilliams said that due to the ban on bonds and GST, Indian Economic Growth was reduced. It has been said in the report that by 2032 China could become the world’s number one economy behind the US.
– The report says that the effect of the US President has come down in the trade sector. Despite this, America will remain at the top of the global economy. Britain will leave France behind.

No more effect of breakage
– The report says that the impact of the exit from the UK’s European Union (ECB) has seen its economy. However, the kind of apprehensions about the breaksuit did not prove to be true.
– The report says that by 2032 Russia will slip from the 11th rank to 17th.
– News Agency made a poles of economists. It said that global economic growth will grow at a pace of 3.6 percent in 2018. This year i.e. in 2017 it is 3.5.