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New Update: Whatsapp’s new feature came, can’t share the message with more than 5 people.

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Whatsapp is testing a new feature on its platform so that spam and fake news can be restrained. Instant messaging app will now set a limit for forwarding all the messages, videos and photos shared on WhatsApp. In India, Whatsapp will have a limited test for 5 chats at one go and after this it will be removed through the Quick Forward button. This button will be made near the media message. This means that if a message has been forwarded to a message five times from the same account, then after the limit cross, the option of forwarding that message to WhatsApp will be disabled.

India has the largest number of photos, videos, forwards
Whatsapp said in a blog post, From today, we will test the limit for message forwarding on Whatsapp, which will apply to everyone. People in India forward more messages, photos, and videos from any other country in the world. We will test Limit for 5 chats at a time, and after that the quick forward button will be removed with the media message.

India is the largest market of Whatsapp
It is worth noting that more than 250 million people in India use Whatsapp, and Whatsapp is the largest market here. In the last few months there have been many reports of mobs lining and violence through video and messages on Whatsapp. Due to hate content and rumors spread through Whatsapp groups, there have been incidents of people surrounded by people in many parts of the country. The central government has asked Whatsapp to take action in this regard.

Widespread rumors spread over the country, many incidents of violence took place across the country
Facebook-owned WhatsApp wrote a letter to the Electronics and Information Technology Ministry. The company had said that the incidents of violence in the country are so frightening and new steps have been taken to stop these rumors.

So that the private messaging app
According to Whatsapp, new changes will ensure that instant messaging apps remain a private messaging app and prevent false information and rumors from spreading. However, it is necessary that Whatsapp will also do anything for forward text messages. People easily copy and paste these text messages and forward them. Doing this also does not seem to be the forwarded label recently.

Whatsapp is committed to users’ safety and privacy
Whatsapp said in his blog post that we are committed to users’ safety and privacy. That’s why the end-to-end encryption is given in the app. We will continuously work on bringing new features in the app so that it can be improved further.

Trying to prevent abuse of Whatsapp in Election
The American headquarters of WhatsApp and senior officials associated with Indian operations have met with the Election Commission and BJP and Congress leaders. Whatsapp says that he has met these meetings in an attempt to stop misuse of his platform during the forthcoming elections in India.