New PUBG Mobile

New PUBG Mobile Game will be able to download from next month, you will be able to play only 3 hours in a row

Gameplay Technology

New PUBG Mobile is once again in the news. The company has recently confirmed that the game is being brought to India from the new name Battlegrounds Mobile India. Since then, fans have been waiting for its launch date. The company has not yet officially announced the launch date, but a recent report has given information about when the APK will be available for download.

Since when will you be able to download the new PUBG Mobile APK

Popular PUBG mobile commentator Ocean Sharma told Sportskeeda that the APK for the Battleground Mobile India game will be available in the month of June. That is, you will be able to download and play this game in India from next month. The company recently introduced a teaser of the new game. The report also said that the game’s trailer will also be released by the end of this month. However, no official announcement has been made about this at the moment.

Many changes in the new game

Battleground Mobile India will be based on the concept of a Battle Royal game, in which multiplayer modes will get in-game events and features such as outfits. It will be an India-exclusive game. The company has also made many necessary changes in this game as compared to PUBG Mobile. The company has tried to remove the features due to which the old game was banned in India.

According to the information, only users over the age of 18 will be able to play this multiplayer game. Apart from this, the game can be played for 3 hours continuously. Not only this, there will be an in-app purchase of a maximum of Rs 7000. There was no such limit in PUBG Mobile. Children used to play that game continuously for many hours. Also, there were many such cases when children had spent lakhs of rupees on games.