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New Battlefield: Trump wants America’s new Space Force till 2020.

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Washington, In view of the threat and rivalry between Russia and China, White House announced Thursday a new battlefield army. America has decided to make US Space Force by 2020. This new service will be different from the rest of the US. This will be America’s sixth military service. Anyway, the American people have spell love and have been making movies for a long time on the Hollywood space war.

However, this decision of the Trump administration also has challenges. This new force needs the permission of the American Congress right now. Apart from this, the military leaders have their own apprehensions, which are questioning the arguments behind an expensive new military service branch. US Vice President Mike Pence announced this new force during a speech in the Pentagon.

He told that President Trump has also decided to ensure American dominance in space. Pence said that the space was once peaceful and uncontested but now it is crowded here and the conditions have become unfavorable. The US Vice President said that the time has come to write another great chapter in its military history. Pence said that there is a need to prepare for the new battleground so that the threats faced by our people and the country are dealt with.

Trump tweeted after the announcement of Pence that space force is coming. Trump has also combined the process of this space force with its 2020 re-election campaign. Under this, the campaign email sent to collect funds has been asked to support its supporters for the Space Force logo. He has been asked to choose one of six options. Trump has also been referring to the Space Force in its previous election campaign.

American Vice President Pence has said this announcement responds to the threat of aggressive response from the enemies rather than America’s offensive military preparations. Quoting Russia and China, the Vice President said that for years, our opponents tried to jam and influence our navigation and communication satellites by electronic attack from the ground. Now their intentions have been cleared and our opponents have changed the space into the battlefield. Pence said that America will not go back to this challenge.