Netflix launches customizable subtitles for TV to enhance readability

Entertainment Technology

Popular streaming company Netflix has unveiled a number of changes that will allow users more customizable subtitle options. Users will be able to choose how subtitles look on the site thanks to the new capabilities. Users will be able to switch between small, medium, and big font sizes as well as change the text’s style and size.

Moreover, three additional style options for subtitles with varying backgrounds have been added by Netflix. These choices consist of Light (white text on a black background), Contrast (yellow text on a black background), and Drop shadow (white text on black background). The newest features, according to the business, would improve users’ ability to read.


Formerly, the capabilities were only accessible to web users, but now the customisation function is accessible to everyone, including TV users. Netflix has seen a continuous increase in the number of people watching its TV content. The business reported that 70% of viewers came through TV in 2018.

With the newest functionality, viewers with hearing loss and auditory processing issues will be able to tailor their viewing experience, which will improve accessibility. The company claims that improving the text in closed captions and subtitles will probably help viewers with cognitive problems concentrate better.