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You read that right. The hit series is back with another round.

The popular Spanish Netflix series: La Casa De Papel, literally ‘The House Of Paper’ premiered its 4th Season on the 3rd of April, Friday at 12:30 pm on Netflix India.

The story follows a gang of mysterious thieves who have exceptional abilities and have nothing to lose, recruited by a criminal mastermind who goes by the name ‘The Professor’. The Professor has an ambitious plan to pull off the biggest heist in the history of the world, i.e, printing billions of euros in The Royal Mint of Spain.

Clad in crimson overalls and wearing Dali masks, the gang of thieves takes in hostages to aid their negotiations with authorities, whose only aim is to capture the Professor, who is still unknown.

A major cliffhanger at the end of part 3 of Money Heist had left the viewers desperately waiting for the next season. Season 3 set a new record for Netflix & now season 4 is here to break that record. Money Heist is the most streamed series on Netflix, not only in India but all over the world.

More than 34 million households tuned in to watch the series during its first-week release, with over 75% binging all the episodes.

American actor, JR Ramirez is one of those fans who are anxiously waiting for Money Heist Part 4.

Season 4 of Money Heist, or its catchy Spanish title, La Casa De Papel was released right in time for those seeking something to watch during the quarantine.

The season begins with ‘The Resistance’ as they call themselves. This season is a lot more than just a heist. The first glimpse of this season has led to intrigue among viewers and the show is rated as #1 on Netflix. Its latest mind-boggling trailer and also its previous seasons have led to a craze among viewers.

Money Heist Part 4 is a tsunami of emotions – rage, grief, enmity, jealousy, animosity and a lot more. So, if you haven’t started watching this nail-biting thriller yet, then do it now! only on Netflix.