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Netflix Ban is in Trend Again!

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Netflix is coming up with a new web series for its customer base. And some of them get very famous but some of them are getting in the news. One of these series is A Suitable Boy. This series is in news due to its Hindu Muslim love story. The actress in this series is Lata Mehra (Tanya Maniktala). And she is of Hindu caste. On the other hand, the actor is Danesh(Kanir Durrani) and he is Muslim.

In this web series, one kiss scene is there that is making it controversial. Kiss scene is very common nowadays, so what makes it trending? The answer is, that this kiss is in a temple. And after this Hindu people and many people of India are standing against the web series. And not only this they are standing against Netflix too. Now they are demanding to ban Netflix along with the web series.

People are raising many questions. One of them is that why a cross-cultural couple is shown getting intimate on religious grounds? And the other one is, will this be allowed in another place of worship?

But after this also, the web series maker is not wanting to edit the scene. And as per the news, all the scenes are going to be the same. And no editing will take place.

“Once you give in(to radical demands) there is no end to their objections. The kisses are shot on the temple premise as this is the only place a couple can get privacy in a small town where everyone knows everyone. The intention is not to insult any religion or place of worship.”

This is not the first time, that people are asking to ban Netflix. Earlier too it was in trend. The reason last time was a movie. The name of that movie was Chippa. And Safdar Rahman was the director and writer of the movie. This movie was about a boy who is searching for his father in Kolkata.

Over the span of his excursion the kid, played by the capable Sunny Pawar runs over a Muslim seniors-resident who recounts the kid a story wherein the name of Hanuman comes up conspicuously as a substitute for ‘Monkey’ Rightly shocked.

Twitter clients have requested a boycott on the film as well as on Netflix in India.