Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra: Hollywood debut is a source of great excitement for the actress


‘Never Back Down – Revolt,’ starring Neetu Chandra, will be Chandra’s big Hollywood debut. Neetu has trained extensively in martial arts to prepare for the role.

Neetu stated the following when discussing the subject: “As an actor, you’re constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to try something different, and here is my chance to do just that. My role in Never Back Down: Revolt served as a catalyst for the growth of my martial arts practice, notably Taekwondo, which I have been studying for many years. These unique abilities helped me land the part, and I’ve given it my all to play Jaya to the best of my ability.”

As part of the project, Neetu Chandra plays a kidnapped fighter and is forced to compete in dangerous underground fights to reclaim her freedom from a fight trafficking organisation.

“The director Kellie Madison complimented my efforts, and now I’m looking forward to the trailer and movie being viewed by people all around the world. As thrilling as the part is, it comes with its own set of difficulties, and I’ve grilled myself for hours rehearsing and then performing my moves. We haven’t employed any doubles yet, and we intend to do so in the future. If you are a fan, I promise you will appreciate what you see when you see my new onscreen persona, “she went on to say.

On November 16, Sony Pictures Worldwide will release ‘Never Back Down – Revolt,’ an action-thriller billed as such.