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Nawaz Sharif and others have crores of rupees deposited illegally in India: Pak media report.

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Islamabad, Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is accused of depositing millions of rupees in black money in India. According to Jio News, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Pakistan has taken cognizance of a local media report and ordered to investigate the entire matter. According to the Jio News report, Nawaz Sharif and others have reportedly made 4.9 billion dollars illegally in India.

Jio News quoted the statement from NAB as saying that the chairman of the bureau has taken cognizance of the media report. The media report says that this incident is also mentioned in World Bank’s Migration and Remittance Book 2016. However, the details are not given in the media report.

In the news report, it has been claimed that the amount was deposited in the Indian Finance Ministry, which resulted in India’s Foreign Exchange Reserve increased and Pakistan suffered much loss.

Tell that Nawaz Sharif is already running 3 corruption cases. Due to corruption, the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared him disqualified for the post of PM and subsequently declared ineligible for any public post for lifetime.