Navratri 2022

Navratri 2022 Day 7: Date, Colour of the Day and Significance

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Once again, during the Navratri 2022 celebrations, Hindu worshippers worship the nine manifestations of the goddess Durga with great fervour and enthusiasm. The first celebration of this holiday, known as Chaitra Navratri, takes place in March or April each year. The Sharad Navratri is the one that we observe in September and October. On September 26 of this year, the Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashwin, the Sharad Navratri began.

The seventh manifestation of the goddess Durga, Maa Kaalratri, is honoured on the seventh day of Navratri (Navratri 2022). Due to her dark black look, unruly hair, three eyes, and four hands in the Abhaya and Varada mudras, Maa Kaalratri, also known as Goddess Shubhankari, is portrayed as a destructive manifestation of the goddess. She is clutching her astras in her left hand.

Today, Tuesday, October 2, during the Saptami Tithi, will be observed as the seventh day of Navratri. The Saptami Tithi will be in effect from 7:16 PM on October 1 to 5:17 PM on October 2, according to the Drik Panchang. The colour orange stands for clarity, wisdom, and peace.

Maa Kaalratri is revered as divine light and a never-ending source of knowledge, which has significant implications. She is thought to be in charge of the planet Shani. As a result, persons who worship Maa Kaalratri on this day are thought to be wise and fortunate. As prasad, jaggery or products prepared from it are offered to Maa Kaalratri. Devotees perform the sringar puja on Saptami night, in which they present everyday cosmetics in pairs. The things are divided into two sets, one set of which is later distributed in temples, and the other set of which is retained by followers as a type of prasad.