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National security issue is climate change: Pentagon Report

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Many major US military institutions are facing increasing problems due to climate change. The Pentagon made such a claim on Friday in a report. However, critics have rejected it to tell the problem less. In the 22-page report, 79 priority military centers around the United States were examined. Many of these saw the danger of flooding and forest fires as well as the effects of desertification, drought and snow melting.

“The impact of climate change is an issue of national security, which can potentially affect the missions of the Ministry of Defense, schemes related to the campaign and institutions,” the report said. It was found in the report that two-thirds of 79 schools are affected by the repeated floods and more than half the current or future drought may occur.

Critics have dismissed it for not giving details in the report. They say that there is no mention of recent storms that destroyed or damaged U.S. military centers.