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National Press Day: Know All the Details Here

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Press is an essential pillar of a country. And their work for a country is always recommendable. To make people aware of their work. And to make people know their importance, a day is there for them. This day is National Press Day.

Every year in November 2016, this day comes. And this year, Amit Shah tweeted, “Greetings on #NationalPressDay. Our media fraternity is working tirelessly towards strengthening the foundations of our great nation. Modi govt is committed towards the freedom of Press and strongly oppose those who throttle it. I applaud Media’s remarkable role during COVID-19.”

CMO Madhya Pradesh said, “Even in a pandemic our media professionals have been keeping people informed, bringing news tirelessly. My greetings to the media fraternity on #NationalPressDay: CM Shri

About National Press Day

Media is one of the important elements of India. And not only this, but it is also the fourth pillar of democracy. Media and press play a major role in bringing truth in front of the people. The National Press Day is the day, where appreciation of the independent and responsible press of India takes place. They are the mirror that reflects only the truth. And no matter what the situation is, they are active in all situations. On this day, a press council is there. This Press Council is there in 50 countries in the world.

Why on November 16?

The First Press Commission (in 1956) had imagined a ‘Press Council’ to ensure the opportunity of the press in India and a higher ideal in news coverage. From that point forward, the Press Council was set up on 4 July 1966 in India which began its work from 16 November 1966. From that day, November 16 is the National Press Day consistently.

Press Council of India

The Press Council of India was established on November 16, 1966. It is a legal and semi-legal establishment. The Press Council of India guarantees the autonomous work and exclusive requirements of the press in India. It additionally guarantees that influencing of the press in India does not take place by any outside issue. The Press Council of India assumes a significant function to keep up a solid majority rule system in the nation.