National Pollution Control Day

National Pollution Control Day: Keep lungs safe from increasing pollution, these yoga asanas are helpful

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National Pollution Control Day: Every year the risk of many serious diseases is increasing due to the increasing level of air pollution. The lungs are most affected by air pollution, which can cause severe respiratory problems. During the second wave of Covid, lung-related problems made the case of Corona quite serious. Lungs work to maintain the smooth circulation of oxygen in all parts of the body. Any problem occurring in them can be fatal, which is why health experts advise all people to keep taking measures to keep the lungs healthy.

According to health experts, the lungs can be kept healthy by including yoga and exercise in daily life and avoiding polluted air. Yoga and exercise are known to help in clearing mucus from the airways and keep the lungs strong. Let us know about some such yoga exercises that strengthen the lungs in the following slides.

Information about Yoga poses on National Pollution Control Day

Cobra pose yoga
Cobra pose, also known as Bhujangasana, is considered the most helpful in maintaining healthy lungs and expanding the lungs. Along with clearing the airways, it also helps in strengthening the lungs. Regular practice of Bhujangasana is considered beneficial for calming the mind and also for mental health.

Matsyasana Yoga
Regular practice of Matsyasana or Fish Pose is considered very beneficial for the lungs and heart. This yoga helps increase the amount of oxygen in the body as well as it is considered helpful in increasing blood circulation. This yoga is considered beneficial for promoting lung and heart function while keeping respiratory disorders at bay.

Dhanurasana Yoga
Dhanurasana Yoga or Bow Pose is one of the best yoga poses for cleansing the lungs. Its regular practice is also easy, and it can be done anytime. Along with strengthening the lungs, this yoga can be practised to overcome respiratory problems.

Sukhasana yoga is considered a great exercise to stimulate your blood flow and also to promote lung function. It strengthens the muscles of the lungs and is also considered helpful in keeping the airways clear.