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NASA’s biggest feat, scientists discover the black hole located at a longest distance.

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WASHINGTON: NASA has set another new record in the world of space. NASA scientists have detected a huge black hole located at a distance of 80 million times bigger than the Sun’s mass. Anything that goes in this astronomical universe does not return.

Astronomers watched data collected from NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (Wise) to study the objects located at the far distance, and then tried to detect it through the Magellan telescopes of Chile’s Carnage Observatory.

Researchers identified some of the millions of discoveries discovered by Wise to see through megalan. In the US, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Daniel Stern said, “Unlike our expectations, this black hole has gone far beyond just 69 million years of the Big Bang (Big Bang), which is in line with our principles of the process of becoming a black hole. Challenge. ‘