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NASA’s big success, with the help of Google AI, discovered the 8 planets solar system.

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WASHINGTON: US space agency NASA has used Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find a new solar system like ours. This solar system is 2,545 light years away from Earth and it is orbiting a star like the sun. This Solar System with eight planets is the first discovery of our solar system. The extremely hot, rocky planet named Kepler-90 i, completes one orbit of its star in 14.4 days.

It was discovered with the help of a Google machine for data analysis of the Kepler binoculars connected to NASA’s planet search. NASA’s Postdoctoral Fellow and Astronomer of Texas University Andrew Wonderberg said, “The Kepler-90 star board is like a small form of our solar system. You see small planets inside and outside, but everything is very close to each other. ‘.

Paul, director of NASA’s Department of Astrophysics in Washington, said, “The discovery shows that our data will be a treasure for innovators of the new thinking in the coming years.” About 30 percent of Kepler-90 i stars from Earth It is so close that its average surface temperature is considered to be over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Its closest planet Kepler-90H revolves around the same distance to its star as the Earth moves from the distance to the Sun.