NASA warns that a massive asteroid, 1200 feet wide is heading toward Earth

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Two close calls with big asteroids occurred last week for the planet Earth (NASA). The size difference between the two asteroids was 400 and 600 feet, respectively. However, an asteroid is currently hurtling toward our planet, making these objects seem to be small pebbles. This 1,200-foot diameter asteroid is a massive space rock that will be closest to Earth tomorrow, August 3, and is travelling at a very fast speed.

For comparison, this asteroid is the same width as three Statue of Liberty statues combined. If it hits the Earth, it may be a very dangerous event. Its enormity will result in destruction at the continental scale, and the shockwaves and tectonic waves will generate earthquakes and tsunamis that will affect the whole world.

2022 OE02 is the designation given to the asteroid, which measures 1,200 feet (365 metres) in width, by the NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) database. The fact that this asteroid’s designation includes the year 2022 indicates that it was discovered this year. In actuality, the asteroid was very recently discovered. As there is little information on the space rock, this leads to a great deal of uncertainty.

Gigantic asteroid to approach the Earth tomorrow

The asteroid is travelling at a speed of 1,15,872 kilometres per hour, according to CNEOS. The asteroid is now predicted to pass within 6.1 million kilometres of Earth. Although it would appear far away, if the asteroid’s course were to change, it wouldn’t take very long for it to go that distance in astronomical terms. However, based on current projections, it seems unlikely that the asteroid would collide with Earth, and a safe passage is anticipated. NASA is carrying out a DART project, which will give them the ability to deploy rockets to push an oncoming asteroid slightly and adjust its trajectory to safeguard the globe, in order to save the Earth from any such future dangers.